Welcome to ISCE Library

The ISCE Research Library is now officially open!

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the library cannot be opened to the public, but borrowers can still browse the library's books online and follow the steps below to borrow and return books.

Borrowing procedure:

  1. Log in to your personal library account.
  2. Create a book list.
  3. Retrieve and select the book that you want to borrow, add it to the book list. 
  4. Download the book list and email it to the library (library@ccstisce.ca). In the email, please indicate your library card number and contact phone number.
  5. After the librarian has retrieved the books and completed the borrowing procedure, the librarian will email the borrower and arrange a time to pick up the books.

Returning procedure:

  1. Put the books to be returned in their original bag(s), and arrange a time to return them to the library before the loan deadline.
  2. The library will disinfect the books first, complete the returning books in the system, and put them back on the shelves.
  3. If it is overdue, the fine will be credited to the borrower's account.
Published on 08/09/2020 00:00
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